Thursday, April 15, 2010

ribbons, buttons, and glitter OH MY!

i know its gonna be a good day when i visit Michaels, Archivers, Hobby Lobby, or any other craft store.. i get so excited to get home and start creating..

this is what the beautiful purchases turn into... YIKES

i'm not as excited about cleaning up that mess =( and my mom isn't so happy about it either.
BUT it goes along with the job and cleaning/organizing can be therapeutic. 

i believe i've spent over half of the last twenty four hours sitting at this table. luckily the sunflower seeds and starbucks frappucinos have kept me fueled. if not here i've been sleeping, running, or at the craft store.  i have been trying to crank out some dresses because i have less than two weeks to put together a booth for my FIRST ever event. its been hard to sleep cause i'm so excited about it! i have been trying to start a list of things that i need to get together and have on hand, but i can't even get it all organized in my head to write it on paper!  i have always wanted this and i wasn't expecting to be doing it until December. i think God decided maybe i was ready a little early and sprung this surprise on me! I am so thankful!! 

more details to follow on the event..


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