Saturday, April 10, 2010

cardinals baby!!

i know i know the guilt consumed me. but hey, when a handsome man is in your life you can't help but share him with the world.

i was blessed enough to have my three hours with him the day after my last blog. too bad he was fussy! eat, sleep, and poop...i mean really i know it isn't that hard. so process of elimination when he starts crying at me for something...

i used to hear stories of babies peeing on people and could never understand how it happens. well i know now. no no he didn't get me but i got a tiny preview of what it would be like if it did happen. and i just LAUGHED!!! sorry to gross you out. then after letting me know very loudly as a baby can be, that he was mad, he only just wanted to pass out in my arms. PRECIOUS!! nothing more pure than a baby! especially one wearing cardinal gear.

here is more of my obsession with the baby clothes. you should see his little cowboy boots!


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