Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Nanny

If you've been following my blog, you know that I am a nanny. This post is dedicated to the little one who brings me joy, happiness, sometimes sadness, frustration, hope... and many many more. The love that I have for this child is insane.. and she isn't even my own! I usually spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with her and occasionally a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon once she is out of preschool. She is a smart one and knows how to work the system. I often find myself being talked into doing whatever she wishes...

She loves to swing! Luckily she has her own swing set in her backyard. Sometimes I sit and swing myself and the simplicities of being a kid rush back and all worries are gone. She was says, "Push me really REALLY high," I try as hard as I can but it scares me to push her too high as I am concerned for her safety. Mothering coming out in me already.

the other day while we were playing on her swing set she showed me her 'boo boo.' I proceeded to tell her that she can ask God to help heal her ouchie. She then climbed up in her play set got down on her knees and began praying to God. Literally it brought tears to my eyes... I have heard her say it before, her goodnight prayers, but in this situation it completely caught me off guard. What a reality check! Who cares if it was three in the afternoon and she wasn't getting ready for bed. Simply AMAZING!

She also loves ice cream (and chocolate pudding, cheese balls, chocolate covered raisins, and licorice, and red lollipops, only red). Anytime we are running errands in town or go to the park she always says so cutely from the backseat, "Maybe we go to Sonic and get one of them ice cream cones." Yes please tell me how you would say no!!

These are the steps that I have to wait and go down after she gets to the bottom where she declares, "Okay you can come down now!" Take note of how cute these little sandles are. I am utterly and completely obsessed with little kid clothes.. this will be a challenge some day when I am a mom to not buy every cute thing I see.

Here is her corner of dirt which she absolutely loves to water, even though nothing is planted there. I enjoy sitting and watching her. I know she will have a beautiful yard with lots of flowers when she grows up.

And then she is OUT! That is usually what happens after all the above. Some days we do all of these things, and some days we don't get to do any. This is only the fourth month I've been watching her and needless to say I am attached. Don't let this lead you to believe my job as a nanny is so simple. Dusting, cleaning, and dishes are often squeezed in to this chaotic day of playing.

It may seem unfair to not have any pictures of the baby brother but I currently am only lucky enough to watch him a total of three hours per week, where he cries, eats, and sleeps. I do love him and his clothes too... and cannot wait to watch him grow up.

I edited my photos from a pretty cool website:

I have decided that since its summer and I have been spending more time enjoying the outdoors running and making road trips that are now much shorter. My blog won't be solely focused on my crafts. I've found other outlets to 'heal' such as cooking. Who knows what that will bring? Check soon to see my latest cooking creation.


Don't forget your goodnight prayers...all day long!

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