Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One For The Road

Don't ask me how I'm feeling right now cause it's all over the place. I am especially excited to see my husband. I don't think we have spent six weeks apart since our dating days. On the other hand I am dreading leaving my furry little best friend. I've said most of my see ya laters to the siblings and I was 0 for 3 on not crying. Thursday will be the toughest day but I'm going to try to block it out and think of the crazy exciting adventure that awaits me. Last night I decided to get on trip advisor and check out some must sees near Kobe and Osaka and I have to say that got me really excited, except for the public baths and the openness with nudity. That could get interesting... I'll let you know. Unfortunately it's still cold over there so I am going to have to pack more warm clothes than I anticipated but I'll be fine.
So enough on that I will for sure let you know about the travel when I arrive on Sunday. I have three different flights. I depart before sunrise on Saturday, connect in ATL, SEA, then 11 hours 20 minutes to Osaka. If you happen to think of me, say a little prayer. I get there around 4:30 Sunday the third but that is approximately early Sunday morning in the states around 1:30 am. I have a ride from the airport to our hotel but Brandon won't be there until probably 10 or later that evening. I will probably be to anxious to sleep but I'll let you know then. Can't believe it's so soon, typing it gives me butterflies.
Okay for real now, enough on that and I'm sorry I haven't had any updates for almost a month. As soon as I get there I can really drill Brandon on what he has been doing and relay that information back to you all. Things like him pitching against Brazil yesterday and spring training happenings.
Since he left I have been busy tearing apart and updating our guest room and guest bathroom. I mentioned before my mom flew down to help then drove the ten hour trip up to Missouri with Tag and I.  Just a few before and after shots for you.
Then I took a mini vacation to Florida for a visit with my Grandparents. It was warm, relaxing, and close to perfect. 
I have been sewing a lot. A quilt, a matching pillow, and an adorable elephant pillow.
I gave up soda. Its been three full weeks today which is probably the longest I've ever went without a soft drink. I also made it a habit to try and eat as clean as possible. I know that probably won't be hard in Japan but I realize at 25 its time to start eating healthier.
 Oh yeah this disheveled little mess below gave us a run for our money. When we first got here and while I was away in Florida he just slipped right in like he was part of the family. The day I got back I got the bright idea to give my dog a greenie. My dog can't handle them is an understatement. Be cautious if you give them to yours. You're welcome for the warning. After those crazy few days we decided he needed a haircut instead of looking like a crazed manic dog. I miss his shag but it'll grow back. Also I'm so grateful to my parents for taking on another four legged responsibility. Now that his little bout of greenie sickness is over it should be smooth sailing, until he gets neutered on the 7th but I'll be out of the country and I know they will handle it like pros.
 I'm so thankful for everything that happened in the last six weeks and again to my mom and dad for letting me crash their empty nest party. If it wouldn't be for all these things I would have sat watching the clock counting down the days until it was time for me to go. Just like that the day is upon me.  I cannot wait to be writing you all from Japan! I will NOT have cell service but I have Skype and Facetime as well as email and iMessaging. Not to shabby considering I'll be all the way around the world. Can I get an amen for technology?


  1. So exciting!!! Can't wait to see your first update when you get there. I bet you're nervous, but you two are going to have so much fun!

  2. ahhhh - i'm SO excited for you!! best of luck and i hope everything goes smooth! i have butterflies FOR you!

    and ps - that quilt is GORGEOUS!!

  3. I know it has to be so hard to leave your family but you are about to have an amazing experience that you wouldn't want to miss. These are times you'll wanna sit back and tell your kiddos. :) Oh the life of a baseball wife!