Monday, December 10, 2012

Sew Busy

My writing here has come to an all time slow. For me this used to be a place I would come to document what has been going on in our life, where we are living, and the ups and downs of baseball life. Although we are moving to Japan in the coming months and that will provide plenty of stories to write about, this little spot here has lost its luster.

I used to love blogging and the community that comes with it. I liked being a blogger and taking pictures of everything I cook, paint, sew, or craft's exhausting and I haven't found near as much joy in it as I used to. I find that I get SO caught up in how many followers, page views, etc. I'm not saying it's wrong to do that because I realize that blogging for many is a business and those things are important to succeed. For me,it drives me crazy. It brings out the worst in me and I pretty much hate the blog monster I turn into. This slow down has helped me realize this and I am going to try to focus on only writing when I feel like it. 

Since I've had so much extra time you probably wonder what I've been doing. We have slowly been updating rooms/spaces in our little home, teaching a Sunday school class, Christmas shopping, signing Japanese baseball contracts, and sewing. I have spent SO much time making fun things and this time lots of them are for me.

For so long I was trying to make my sewing successful and profitable and it just wasn't working for me. I'd get frustrated and start to see sewing as a job instead of a hobby. I see other bloggers making it work and I give you so much credit because it isn't easy. So instead of sewing for others, I started sewing for me, things that I needed or wanted that I knew I could make. I've discovered an even deeper love than I had before. I have found several sewing blogs and immersed myself in reading and learning tips and technique. 

My stocking via imagine gnats / Brandon and Tag's still unfinished (oops)

tiny fur vest for bff's baby girl - via See Kate Sew

a little Christmas dress - pattern via Shwin Designs

fancy baby bubble skirt - via handmadebabyclothes

denim dress - via laurendarlings

new favorite dressy sweatshirt - via laurendarlings

Those are some of the projects that I have LOVED working on over the past few weeks. I hope that you are having a stress free holiday season and are able to enjoy time with family and friends.



  1. These are all GREAT!!!! I especially love your Christmas stocking.. so so so so cute!!

  2. I love your sewing projects! They are adorable! I mean, really, really cute!
    I've felt the same way about my blog. Though I'm sad because I really enjoy reading yours. But it's important that you do what's right for you. You are an amazing, beautiful person. Don't forget that! I hope all is well with you and your little family.

  3. When you have kids they are going to be soooo lucky! You are sooo amazing!