Monday, November 12, 2012

A Wedding, Birthday, and Anniversary

I realized the importance of blogging this weekend. I really, really enjoy being able to know exactly when things happened and figure out exactly where time goes. Two weekends ago we celebrated one of my good friends getting married, my husband turning 28, and our one year wedding anniversary. Phew.  

The morning of the wedding I made breakfast for some of my favorite friends that still live in Columbia, my family, and another friend in from California for the wedding. Like always, time flew and it seemed like I barely got to see them at all.

The wedding was amazing. I couldn't be happier for my sweet friend and her husband. Not to mention how amazingly beautiful she was. It was also Brandon's birthday and I gave him the option to skip out on the reception. He still came to the reception with me...and so did the football game. He dodged out for the dancing part which was fine with me because he would be embarrassed by my moves. My friend Stefany and I served cupcakes that turned your teeth/lips/tongue blue. He He. The Bride gifted us these adorable aprons. Obviously I loved it because I had been making my own very similar. It was so fun to be on the receiving end of a handmade gift that I love. 

In between the wedding and the reception we did a bit of birthday/anniversary celebrating. I had him take me to the grocery store to buy him a peanut butter cream pie and candles. I'm not near as sneaky as he is because he surprised me with an anniversary gift, which I will share in our anniversary celebration post up next.



  1. I LOVE going back and knowing what happened on what date and being able to see exactly where I was a year ago. I don't blog as often as I'd like, but when I do it's about what happened that day, weekend, etc so it's easy to look back on instead of just lining up random posts. It's like a public diary :) You got some great pics of all the happy things going on in your life, I love it!!

  2. Wow! All of you ladies are so beautiful! And how fun that you got to serve cupcakes at the wedding!