Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things I want to MAYke

Welcome May. I don't know what you have in store for us. I spent all day sewing until my back hurt so much from my wonderful 'office' arrangement I couldn't take it any longer. 

Instead I've been mulling around for a couple hours online in awe of the creativity that is in the online universe. I found some really cute projects that I think I'll have to try. 

This quilt is awesome. It reminds me of my sister - maybe in different colors.

Then there is this darling fat quarter dress. I love fat quarters and how you can usually find them in the clearance bin. I think I know someone this would fit. 

Speaking of fat quarters, have you ever heard of a jelly role? No it isn't a donut but that does sound a bit delicious at the moment. They are one of my favorite things, fabric wise. Isn't this awesome? I'll take ten for decoration please.

These jellies are used mostly for quilting. Unfortunately I haven't taken up quilting but I think I could manage to add some ruffles to a cute little tote. 

Maybe one day I'll just have some jelly roles to decorate my craft room and I'll sit them next to this fun pillow. I don't make pillows now because it's just an extra to move at some point. This also makes me miss my Silhouette that's getting dusty back home. If only I could be adding vinyl, rhinestones, and other fun things with that mack daddy. Sigh.

And finally something I that I couldn't take my eyes off. A very simple sunburst flower head band. I've been trying the last few days to use accessories to dress up my outfits. Slowly but surely I'm becoming a fan. 

I know this isn't any kind of update with whats been going on but that's just it, not to much has and we are okay with that. Just wanted to share with you some things I might be sewing on and welcome the month of May.

**I know that Pinterest is not a source for photos so I have included links back to the original site I found them. None of the above photos are mine.**


  1. I LOVE that pillowcase dress! So adorable! And I found that baby headband on Pinterest and I looked at the directions...um too hard!

  2. 1. I was JUST thinking about a "things I want to make" post. Though, I didn't think of the cool word pun... "May"ke. Awesome! ;)
    2. I just saw pillowcase dresses for the first time at Me and My Mommy Again (I wandered in there because now they have a boutique/craft section and the cute headbands drew me in). They are so cute! I don't have a baby girl yet, but I have a baby niece who would look amazingly adorable in one! Too bad I don't have a sewing machine...yet.
    3. I LOVE, love love the ruffle bag. I have a slight obsession with bags, but I am able to control it. Maybe I wouldn't be if they were that adorable... ;)