Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last Things Thursday - Round II

The last thing I...

baked: chocolate chip cookies for my man to take on his road trip

bought: fabric

sewed: newwww headbands

received in the mail: belated bday gifts from my sister - I love Gap Fit and she knows it!

sent in the mail: a birthday package for a special friend

did that was stupid: burnt my finger with the hot glue gun

cried about: surprisingly not the glue gun injury but our roommates moving out (story on that coming soon) & my husband leaving for ten long days.

downloaded: Carrie Underwood's version of How Great Thou Art - 

tweeted/instagramed: #yellow is happy - #shine

did for someone else: I'm working on become a partner shop with The Shine Project.

tried different in my beauty routine: lipstick - NYX matte lipstick in tea rose

used to encourage others: Dr Suess qoute - Oh the places you'll go..

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  1. I love that headband! girl you need to teach me your sewing ways sometime!! and I read on twitter your roomies moved out!?

  2. that picture of you above... TOO CUTE!!! i love your navigation bar at the top, too. (ahh what can i say bloggers notice things like that ;) )

    found you via the this little momma link up!

  3. I wish I had tator tots in my freezer so I could make tator tot hot dish for dinner...yum! AND I am off to iTunes to listen to Carrie Underwood! I didnt know she did that song :) Happy Thursday!

  4. new follower! LOVED your headbands...adorable!

  5. Yep, cute headband! SO, I was going to respond to your comment you left on my blog about liking the Rangers and then I saw you are married to a STL pitcher. How cool?!? I'm a new follower. :)

  6. Looooove the headband and saw it on twitter! That tater tot casserole i am gonna Have to make!! looks so good! I think its so cool ur married to a STL pitcher!! Never knew that about u! :)