Monday, February 7, 2011

Wedding + Blogs

Hey guess what I'm NOT gonna blog about today... Blossoms or any other type of hair accessories,  you're welcome!  But I can't say I have much to blog about except a few wedding ideas that I have stumbled across and also some blogs I have become obsessed with. 

The only thing we have picked out so far is  the season and that is this coming fall. Depending on baseball season and playoffs we will determine a more specific date. (Its actually been narrowed down to about five dif. weekends) Thats the thing about being a baseball wife, or trying to become one in my case, uncertainty is ALWAYS around the corner. It keeps it fresh you could say but it is amazing what it does for a relationship. I'm not looking forward to the separation that will begin Saturday (YIKES!!!) Way too soon if you ask me. Where did the last five months go. Oh well before you know I'll be enjoying one of my favorite places...the baseball diamond. I love a beautiful summer day at a ball game. Enough blabbing here are a few pics of two kinda important details of things I like.

Up first, locationThe Kenteska Plantation. This option is still up in the air based on these bad boys..$$$. We are trying to be VERY smart about our wedding budget and not digging a grave of debt before we get our little family started.  But here is the pics that will get your hopes up just like mine. hehe.

Second up is the dress. I know Brandon reads my blog but I have already shown him these few pics and he definitely won't be going with me when I look for dresses. Not because I won't let him but because I know he could find several better things to do with his time, but I love him just the same and who can blame the guy? This is what I think I am hunting. I haven't been dress shopping yet so I may try a few similar on and hate them or faint after looking at the price tag. 
I have no idea the brand of these dresses or where I took the pics from so for that I am sorry. 

 This one is actually a Jim Helm, just remembered. 

So there you have it. Just so you all think I have not totally forgotten that I have a wedding coming up I have been thinking of a few things. A girl can't help it. I'm just more excited to be married, but I do know this is going to be a very special and memorable day. 

Onto the FUN stuff. Yes planning a wedding is fun but this is double fun. I have become obsessed with a few other blogs as of lately. I can't help it with all the time on my hands.  I have tried to cut back on the social networking (see this post as for why) but alternatively I think I just transferred it to something else. 

I love to make and create and am super-dee-duper excited about having my our own home to decorate. These two blogs I can't get enough of :

This is where Brandon and I differ because he sees nothing wrong with this perfectly fine closet, nor do I...

....but look what Centsational Girl's magic wand turned it into...

GORGEOUS! The old saying DRAB TO FAB! Excellent work I'd say. 
Who doesn't want this closet?
 Its amazing! At least I think so.

And hats off to Shelley of House of Smiths. What a wonderMom! Go check it out for some amazing projects and occasionally a good laugh. Her children crack me up. 

  So you see I have gone from a Facebook junkie to a blog addict in no time flat. The best part is all the blogs these two follow link me to more and the ones they follow to even more and on and on and welp I've spent my whole day reading others blogs while neglecting mine, poor thing. So this is an attempt to entertain y'all (yeah I said it I've lived here for three months now I think its acceptable) for a few minutes just as those blogs entertain me. 


-Love makes a house a home-


  1. Looks like you are off to a good start on the wedding planning;) Cute dresses!

  2. I have the same blog problem! Ugh! lol. I love the dresses you have in mind. Also, gave your blossom etsy store address to my boss today. She asked for it after I gave her the blossom I got her daughter for her birthday (the purple one)... She loved it. :D