Friday, November 12, 2010

Southern Accent

I have arrived and started to settle in. The road trip was long to say the least, but we made it after a heated game of 20 questions, the ipod, and even some quiet time.  Tuesday we went to town ( only a 15 minute ride) and hit up the Hobby Lobby. Always a good stop and on my first day. I have a feeling I will be back many many more times.  We went through some stuff at Brandon's mom's and found some trinkets that I could destroy and repair. We made it home Tuesday with stuff for about seven different projects.  It is a little difficult because I am still using my supplies out of their boxes until I get time, the shelves, and space organized. Not that eager about that after just going through everything to get it here in the first place.

  Anyway this is my first weeks project, an old jewelry box.  I couldn't locate my camera battery charger before I started the renovation but you can 
see what it used to be in later pics.


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