Saturday, September 4, 2010

Better Late Than Never

This was supposed to be an August post but here we are September 4th, sorry! The wedding of my great friend Maddie took place on August 14th in Kansas City. 'She looked gorgeous' is an understatement! I was crying before she even made it down the aisle. She shed a few tears but when she casually whipped out her Kleenex that was securely tucked in her dress we all couldn't help but chuckle. Great wedding! Congrats Maddie and Chris.

Something I like to do for wedding cards it to take the invitation and turn it, or parts of it, into the wedding card. I forgot to take a pic of the invitation before I started so here is an idea of what it looked like after I took the scissors to it.

Here it is post surgery...

Now the fun part of this is, if you look really closely and it the right light, you can see through to the words of the invitation. I thought this was cool, you may think its tacky, not sure...

And of course a pic of the bride and groom!!

...and they will live happily ever after!


p.s Happy Birthday Blair!

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