Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Address Announcements

Nope not me, still in fabulous Missouri. It is my second official order. They are new address announcement cards. Very great idea, and you probably couldn't find anything like this at any store.  Who doesn't love snail mail? I know I do, and I love sending it just as much. This is a great way to notify friends/family/relatives of your new address if you have one. The reverse side is blank and the new address can be written or printed on a label to save time. There are two different styles shown here. This is because the paper came in a 12 x12 sheet and I utilized both strips that had housing on them.  I had originally thought to create something black and white with polka dots, but when I was shopping for supplies I stumbled across this paper instead.

It has been so nice having something to work on and keep me motivated in my little corner downstairs. I usually have the Cardinal game on tv while I work and tomorrow there isn't a game so if I was working in my office, I would not have my normal white noise that I have had the past few days.

 I do have a few other works in progress that I will be featuring very soon. They still need a little something that I haven't quite figured out yet. One other thing I have been working on is my online store through Etsy.  It is quite a challenge to decide what and how many I want to put up for sale, price, shipping, and of course a photo to show what my items are. It is a work in progress but I know that it is a start.

Home is where the heart is...


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