Monday, November 11, 2013

Home is..

Home is... open back field and grass..
..hangers from cleaning out closets..
..chick-fil-a.. growing by the house...

..reuniting with good friends at Sunday morning church..
..homemade waffles instead of pancakes.. shoes and shopping..
..transportation I call my own..

..29 weeks..
..our first American doctors visit..
..31 weeks..

..road tripping ten hours with my guy..
..being reunited with my DOG..
..celebrating a 29th birthday and two adventurous years of marriage..
..Florida Georgia Line concert with my entire family..

..sweet friends from college loving on Baby D.. and sister throwing me an awesome baby shower..
..meeting one of my best friend's sons, Max aka Mr. Man..
..catching up with longtime friends I grew up with..

..loving on 16 year old Rudy..
..playing ball with Tag man..
..Tag comforting old man Rudy..
..and ten hour road tripping with both my guys.

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