Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Packed Bags

Well, this past month or two I have done a terrible job here to keep you updated.
I went on two road trips with Brandon. We are soaking up our time just the two of us while we can.
Been growing this baby. It's like a weed growing each and everyday. This past week I have
 noticed I'm slowing down but I try to keep my normal pace. Sleeping has been wonderful. Jet lag is going to mess that up pretty nice I'm sure. 
Been spending lots of time with other wives here. It's like we've become teammates of our own. Going to miss them lots this offseason as we go our separate ways. Always a bummer but feel super blessed to have made friends with them and hopefully our paths cross again.
And that's about all. Seriously the past few months in Japan have been great.
But, the time has come and our bags are packed.
Tomorrow, yes TOMORROW, we catch a flight to Hawaii to celebrate our two year anniversary a little early and enjoy our last vacation as a family of two.
By Sunday evening we will be sleeping (or not depends on jet lag) in our own bed.
Monday I will be cruising to Target and having Chick-Fil-A for lunch.
Cue angels singing.
So that's our plan. This is our journey. We've loved having you along. It doesn't end here but for now... we are closing this chapter of our Japanese adventure.

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