Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All -Star Break 2013

As much as I've tried to establish a regular schedule around here, it just isn't going to happen. Which is what I need to get used to because that is probably how it will be once this baby arrives.

It's the final day of all-star break! We had two entire baseball free days but a week filled with fun.

The final game before break, I met Brandon at the stadium and we left after the fifth inning. I picked up dinner, Domino's, for our train ride and we headed to Tokyo for the two days off.

We planned to get up early and go to Disney Sea but that didn't happen. We staggered out of bed around 11 and headed over to the Disney resort to grab some lunch, shop, and hang out. Around 3 we decided that we would stick around and go to Disneyland for half price after five, which we thought wasn't until six, so we killed the next two and half hours.

We rode some rides, watched the magical light parade, and grabbed some waffles before the rain came and the park closed.

We checked out of our hotel and made our way to DisneySea. I originally thought it was going to be more like sea world inspired by Disney but not so much. It is pretty much like Disneyland but with some water rides and a huge pond in the park where they do all kinds of fun shows that spray water and the characters dance. The ride where you get wet was actually my favorite and we even went back just to watch the people having a good time. We had to skip several rides because I now fall under the expectant mother category but tried to get Brandon do go with out me. He said he would pick the baby over the rides any day so we skipped them. We decided if we were going to catch a train back to the apartment we couldn't stay for the final show so we left a little bit early to head home.

I met Brandon after practice and our translator (who is the BEST by the way and we appreciate so much all that he does for us) took us to Costco to get some groceries for our BBQ we were having on Sunday. Having a car makes that trip SO much easier.

We had a cookout with some of the other Orix baseball families. Our building has a BBQ patio that you can rent out for parties and have access to tables, chairs, and grills. Another group had it booked until six so we crammed our party in from six -eight. Once we found some lighter fluid we were up and running. The guys ran the grill, the girls brought some side dishes, and a good time was had by all, I hope.

After practice I met Brandon for an afternoon movie date. For a few seconds before the movie started we accidentally thought we purchased tickets for the Japanese version of the movie.. luckily we didn't. After the movie we headed to the Dr. for a check up on our little baby and I can't believe how big he/she had gotten. My favorite part is the tiny little leg bones. You tell me a 2cm femur is not adorable, cause it is! Doc said everything looks good and to come back in four weeks so until next time I'll just be watching our latest ultrasound on repeat.

We finished all-star break tonight with Outback for dinner. I'm exhausted from going, going, going, but have loved being busy and spending time with Brandon before we finish off the last 12ish weeks of the season. Where has the time gone? I'm getting pretty antsy about going home. Things like seeing my puppy again, family time, visiting my sister's new house, cuddling friends new babies, driving, and all that fun stuff. Until then, it's Japanese living.

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