Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm back.... a recap of sorts.

Well this seems foreign to me. Not Japan, but sitting to document the adventures from the last three weeks. I truthfully don't know where to begin so this is going to be pretty short until I get back in my writing groove. Which based on the number of photos I have to edit could be a while.

My parents came for a visit. They were here for two weeks. They arrived on May 8th and left on May 23rd. We went sightseeing, my mom cooked us lots of great food, my dad was on dish duty the entire time and they got to see Brandon pitch two different games. It was a packed awesome fun two weeks of having company.

On the 24th I packed a suitcase for the first time since I got here and headed to Tokyo for five days. I had McDonalds (twice), Hooters, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and was awesome! I also got to meet up with one of my sisters good friends who is living in Tokyo which was also fun. 

Yesterday the 30th we spent our day off going to see Iron Man 3 in 3D at noon which is really crazy because I'm usually barely finished with breakfast at noon. 

So you can see our schedule has been a little off but today for the first time in weeks, things feel normal here again. Laundry is in the wash. I had to spend some time dusting and putting away lots of junk that has accumulated in a corner. I'm planning whats for dinner, going to fit in a work out, and probably pick up some groceries. Boring day to day stuff. Truth is though, I missed it. I love having company and I loved going on a little getaway but like most people, a routine works for me. 

For now, some photo highlights from my phone because I'm not ready to tackle the 800 on my camera!

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