Sunday, March 7, 2010


are you wondering where ive been. alabama for a quick four day visit, colorado for a wonderful wedding weekend, and then SICK. not fun. kids really do transfer germs i never thought it true.

so ive been a little off track and not doing much healing, probably why i got sick. my yoga practice has also slipped. this post is more of a written confession so that i know i have been slacking and do something to change that. we all do it, but when you write it down and tell everyone thats when you really realize you need to change. thats when you start healing.

although i don't have pictures (yet) i have started working on two new creations. one is some wall art, and the other is stationary. the stationary is simple and stamped with ink and of course, personalized. i am still working on the blouse cards too. my goal is to be at one of the craft shows this fall. the hardest part about reaching this goal is making the time commitment each and every day to work on something, anything to get closer to that goal. help me get motivated cause right now, i AM stationary, and not moving any closer to my dream...

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