Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is hopefully just the beginning of what will become a very long journey for me. i love to scrapbook! i will make mini scrapbooks, photo boxes, cards, frames, and much more. i usually turn to my creative side for all my gift or card giving needs. i find it much more enjoyable to personalize each and every one. i am my worst critic. i will spend time on the little details until it looks exactly how i picture it.

i have recently been inspired from a set of invitations i created to focus more specifically on one thing. they were invitations for a bachelorette party and i wanted them to be feminine, not girly. shoes! what girl doesn't love shoes? exactly. 21 individual unique designed paper heels later..i arrive at the beginning of heaL'd.

i hope you all enjoy my designs. the shoes are made from paper, buttons, thread, beads, glitter..basically anything i can find in my station. i hope for feedback and ideas. i already have much inspiration from my friends and family. i hope to soon have a large collection and to be able to sell my shoes. you too can then be heaL'd.

get heaL'd!


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